This page contains a small collection of some of the Javascript and Java programs that I have written over the last few years.


Converter and Calculator (2KB) [~2000]: This is a basic converter and calculator, and was the first piece of javascript programming that i did. It doesn't really provide many functions, but it as good example of basic javascript programming.

Zeller's algorithm implementation (2KB) [~2001]: This is an implementation of Zeller's algorithm, which tells you what day of the week a given date was, again this is relatively basic to the end-user, but it uses a lot of maths formulae, and is another good example of javascript programming.

Roman Numeral Conversion [2005]: This converts from integer <-> Roman Numerals.

Minesweeper [2006]: A JavaScript implementation of minesweeper, this is just the beginner level of windows minesweeper, a 9x9 grid with 10 mines to find.

Java Progams

Here are programs I've made as part Computer Science Degree course, they are written in java, but I have used a special program to convert them to self executing files. If you have problems running them please email me.

Organiser (35KB) [~2002] Organiser for Windows Organiser for Other OS's: This was my first year, first semester major project, it is a basic organiser, that allows you to enter a date, start & end times, and a description for appointments.

Quiz Program (560KB) [~2003] Quiz for Windows* Quiz for Other OS's: This was my first year, second semester major project, it is a quiz program, that lets you select a quiz, and answer the questions (both multiple choice and single answer). The Questions are borrowed off my mates website. Full instructions are included in the zip file.
* Note, this will only run if you are using the Sun Java VM (JVM).

Dining Philosophers Applet [2004]: This was for a second year module on concurrent systems. It is a java implementation of the "Dining Philosophers" problem, where there are X philosophers, and X chopsticks, each Philosopher requiring two sticks to eat.
Note, this will only run if you are using the Sun Java VM (JVM).

C# Programs

Last year at university I started to learn C# (part of the .Net Framework).

Soccer Dice Game (12KB) [2004]: This is for windows only, and is an implementation of a Soccer Dice game I have played. Instructions in executable, .Net Framework is required to play.

Greasemonkey Scripts

Greasemonkey is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that enables you to 'add bits of DHTML ("user scripts") to any web page to change its behavior'.

Neaten Premium TV Sites - Premium TV run most of the websites for teams in the English Football League. This script removes the right hand advert column and makes the centre content column larger, to make the articles more readable.

Premium TV Splash Auto-Redirect - All Premium TV sites have a splash page as an intro to their site, this script automatically redirects the user to the actual home page.

Remove uComics Calendar Adverts - uComics syndicate comics for newspapers, including Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield. This script makes the calendar dates navigate directly to the comic strip, avoiding the advert page that usually loads up.

Firefox Extensions

Switch Window Mode - a simple button for Mozilla Firefox which switches it between single and multiple window mode.

Wordpress Plugin(s)

Hierarchical Categories (1KB Zip) OR Hierarchical Categories (1KB PHP Source) - WordPress is what I use to power my blog, I have written a plugin for it that makes hierarchical categories work nicer. When you select a category its parents are automatically selected too. To run, just extract to your WordPress plugins directory (usually "wp-content/plugins") and enable the plugin in the admin pages.